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Welcome to the Allied Trades Assistance Program’s “Changing the Culture of Construction”

Substance use disorder and mental health issues are nothing new to society. However, today they are more prevalent than ever. Statistics show that the percentage of people affected directly or indirectly by these issues is growing at an unprecedented rate.  Sadly, they affect all people regardless of age, race, religion, or social status.  It shows no discrimination.  It touches all levels of employees from factory workers to top CEO’s and the construction industry is certainly not immune to it.

Unfortunately, there are several factors and philosophies that have contributed to this growth. These range from the entertainment industry that somehow cultivates an almost glamorous aspect – to people having been taught by their families and society to ignore or minimize these issues. “Do not air out our dirty laundry.”   

What ATAP has come to realize through their many years of experience is that this philosophy has fostered a vast drug epidemic and allowed substance use disorder and mental health issues to flourish. We need a change in the mindset of our industry to realize that substance use disorder is more than an addiction; it is an illness, and needs to be treated as such.

This training is designed to inform and empower the construction industry by separating fact from fiction, and encourage our workforce to choose proactivity when it comes to behavioral health issues and addictions. Our goal is to educate our workers to promote a healthy, safe and substance free working environment throughout the building trades.

Additionally, this training will provide information about what kind of treatment is available and how to access it; for you, your family, your friends, and your coworkers.

Together let’s develop the tools to “Change the Culture”!

“Changing the Culture of Construction” component of ATAP’s services is paid for with Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.